Apr 17

The Great Way with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche (Part 11)

If you do not have a mindful foundation then whatever the generosity practice that you may be doing may not have that much of a positive impact, you know?

So we have to understand these are all interlinked, you know? So you don’t have to start with the generosity only, you can start the way you want, the way you like. The long that you have some sort of a commitment and a mindful along with it, it’s okay.

For some people they truly reflect their version of how they perceive the reality, based on the meaning of impermanence. For some people, life and death. For some people, the cycle of suffering, you know? So, so different individual has a different way of triggering their mind, how they, you know, change their perception, how they motivate themself. So just like that, you don’t have to start with the generosity practice only. You know, you can start with some sort of a meditation.

But at least try to have a mindset that “you need to progress over the time”, you know? Don’t tell yourself “I’m doing quite good”, you know? That’s, that’s very dangerous, you know? Like when you, when you start to say “I’m doing quite good” that, that, that’s very dangerous signal, it’s a red flag, you know? So, you don’t have to tell yourself “you are not doing good”, you don’t have to tell yourself “you’re doing good”.

Just as long as that, if you see some sort of a sign of life of yourself that is somehow little bit absent from fixation, little bit, you know, you know state of mind of fearlessness, if you tend to develop any of these things then you are going in a genuine path, you know?

And then if you tend to have some sort of a loving kindness, genuinely from the heart, spontaneously, not necessarily linked with the Buddhism or the Buddha or the Dharma, you know? So if you have this kind of a positive qualities, and then the protectors and the deities, their blessings will be with you, you know?

And that’s, that’s, that’s what I witnessed and that’s what I experienced, you know?

So, so that’s that.


The Great Way with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche (46′ 32″)
Zoom Meeting – November 24, 2021