Mar 22

The Great Way with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche (Part 2)

And many people when they think about renunciation they think that, you know, having a hair cut, changing clothes, changing place. They think that’s renunciation. That is “ceremonial renunciation”. It’s not the “real renunciation”.

The “real renunciation” has to carry on and in our mentality, let’s put it like this, as a philosophy, as a way of thinking, along with our life, regardless of whichever the practice we may be doing. And I think that is really important. Because the trap for many Buddhist practitioners is that, the first, when they are Theravada they are okay and then when they become Mahayana, then Okay, still Okay, still in touch with the reality. Then when they reach to Tantrayana then they say “Okay, now I’m free, the rules doesn’t apply to me. I don’t need awareness, you know? the chaotic is good”, you know? Then that kind of perception and that kind of a mentality is dangerous and it’s not really helpful, you know?

So, therefore it is really important to understand the renunciation. Acceptance of the renunciation, acceptance of the reality of the suffering has to carry on in our spiritual journey. And that is very important.

First step of renunciation can be something very rigid, can be very solid, you know? And then, over the time, as you continue to practice the very thing that you were very rigid about, the very thing that you are very fixated about, over the time, that becomes less fixated, that becomes less rigid, you know? And more space and more open-minded within, as you continue with the practice. And then as you continue with the practice, all the external fixation, you know, becomes more lucid. And then the internal fixation tends to be more stronger, not because it was stronger, it is because you just simply start to witness more, you understand?

So when you start to see the very internal fixation, over the time, as you continue to progress with your practice. And that also becomes more and more subtle over the time, as you keep your renunciation along with your practice, you know? And that fixation will dissolve over the time.

And then you may think that “Okay and what is the, you know, what is the practice for overcoming that fixation?”.


The Great Way with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche (11′ 05″)
Zoom Meeting – November 24, 2021

To be continued …