Mar 25

The Great Way with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche (Part 5)

So therefore, the first practice is generosity, you know, practicing generosity. So the practicing generosity means reciting the visualization that you are wanting to benefit all the sentient beings; you’re visualizing all the different objects that all the sentient beings desire and fulfilling their wish, fulfilling their desire, you know, creating some sort of a reality for them that is absent from all the fearful and suffering. Then visualizing that again and again, again and again, again and again. And that is very important.

As you continue to practice generosity, as you continue to reflect the true meaning of reality and the cause of suffering, the reality of the suffering so that it can reflect to you, to be more mindful of your speech and your body and your action. That becomes the discipline.

As you develop that, and then the genuine devotion to the Buddha, Dharma develops by itself.


The Great Way with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche (26′ 23″)
Zoom Meeting – November 24, 2021

To be continued …