Apr 09

The Great Way with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche (Part 8)

And then also the other thing about the emotion that I need to explain a little bit, since I explain a little bit about the devotion.

You know, we have this kind of a mentality in the Buddhist practitioners, I don’t mean any of you, I meant the other people in the different universe, you know? So we have this habit of “I have anger, so therefore I’m a terrible practitioner”, you know? We punish ourself with a completely, a guilt trip, you know? So that is not really helpful. Having an extreme guilt trip and telling yourself that you are miserable, is not really helpful, you know?

Seeing the, the anger, the state of the anger as it is, seeing the state of the jealousy as it is, seeing the state of the attachment as it is, seeing the, the pride, you know, the very state of the pride of the mind as it is, and that is very important, you know? Because if we inflate the very idea of anger and the perception of the anger or the perception of the attachment then we will not able to overcome any of these things.

So therefore, we need to see the anger as it is, as a state of the emotion, not a person. Because person is just a person breathing in and out. That is not an anger, that is not the definition of the anger, you know? So defining what is the meaning of the anger, defining what is the meaning of jealousy, over the time, slowly, slowly, becoming more and more subtle over the time, you know?

In the beginning, you can start with a little bit of subtle touch. Like an example, you know, you have a, you have little bit of pride, you have a little bit of anger but you might not be in the situation that you are challenged. So therefore, you know, you have space in your mind. So then, you analyze the very state of the anger, the very state of the jealousy. You examine that, with a non-judgmental perception and examining more further and further and further. And then having that kind of a practice over the time and along with the breathing meditation is very important.


The Great Way with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche (34′ 48″)
Zoom Meeting – November 24, 2021

To be continued …