Jan 01

The Shangpa Kagyu Deities and Mandalas

The Shangpa Kagyu of course has many deities and mandalas, but there are five main tantras which are all together as one unit, which is known as Gyu De Lha Nga (Five Deity Tantra) :

  • Hevajra,
  • Chakrasamvara,
  • Guhyasamaja,
  • Mahamaya, and
  • Yamantaka.

So these five deities, out of which the five deities [tantra] of Chakrasamvara is what is transmitted here*.

*Chakrasamvara and four deities – Sri Hevajra and consort Nairatmya, Guhyasamaja and consort Vajrabhaira – comprise this five deity tantra.


from “Shangpa Kagyu Teachings” by Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa