May 14

To prepare our Young Monks for their Future

Thank you to everyone who have helped and are helping.

Some monasteries have a full education program in accordance with regulations, and students receive a certificate from the relevant authorities. Some monasteries only provide basic non-accredited learning with the emphasis on the monastic and Buddhist education such as reading and learning of texts, rituals and Buddhist philosophy.

Our monastery is of the later type. Although the monks are taught a wide variety of subjects, the emphasis is on the monastic and the practice of the Shangpa rituals and practices. Some lamas teach the basics of monastic life; some teach the Tibetan language; we have an English teacher that also teaches some science, geography and social science. As well, the students learn basic math.

Our monks range in age from 10 to 17 years old. The number of monks is small in the Salugara monastery, with 7 lamas managing the monastery.

The funds graciously donated by the donors are used for the basic needs of the monks such as food, clothing and supplies. The funds are also used for the maintenance of the complex and to pay the water and electric bills. A full accounting is kept in accordance with Indian and International law as it must be reported to the local and relevant authorities.

With the donated funds, we try to give our monks the best we can in support and environment for learning and development. Unlike many large monastic institutions, we here in Salugara and Sonada emphasize quality over quantity in keeping with the Shangpa lineage tradition of remaining small under the careful and watchful guidance of His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche.

In accordance with Kalu Rinpoche’s wishes, all of us here try our best to prepare our young monks for their future to be of great benefit to the dharma and all sentient beings. The donated funds are never spent frivolously or for personal gain.

Lama Tenpa
Droden Kunchab Chodey Monastery – Salugara India
May 14, 2024

Thank you for your continued support.

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