Apr 04

Your contribution is really making a difference!

The monks and lamas of Kalu Rinpoche’s monastery in India are very grateful for the donations received through shangpakagyu.org website. A complete accounting and records are being kept of the donations and the expenditures of the monies sent to help the monks.

What happens to your donation to shangpakagyu.org

The first donations received have been used to clothe and feed especially the new younger monks. Also, some of the monies were spent on school supplies for their classes; maintenance and repair of the monks’ rooms; maintenance of the monastery buildings; and medical needs of the monks. Some was invested in renovating some of the vacant land for a playground for the monks to exercise. A television was also purchased to be used during their day off and that will also serve in the future for their classes.

The ongoing needs

At present we have been able to meet only the basic needs of the monks. The ongoing needs are medical care, clothing, food, repair and maintenance. In consultation with doctors, dietary guidelines will be implemented to insure the monks stay healthy. All efforts are focused in making sure that the monks can study and practice and also to their well being. With the proper conditions for study and practice, they will be able to benefit the buddhadharma, society and all beings.

We would like to upgrade the facilities here so that the monks have a better environment in which to learn and practice as well as hire some part time teachers to round out their education. More class books need to be purchased as well as classroom supplies that would include some classroom electronic equipment. Repair is an ongoing process as the buildings are old and in need of upgrading to modern standards.


  • Food / Dietary guidelines
  • Clothing
  • Medical care


  • Part time teachers
  • Class books
  • Class supplies / Electronic equipment


  • Renovation

Thank you to everyone who have helped and are helping to create a wonderful environment for the monks and lamas.