Jun 09

Your support insures their continuing education and training

A very special thank you to all who have donated for the monks and monastery of Kalu Rinpoche in India.

All the monks are continuing in their studies of the various pujas, rituals, and playing of the musical instruments. They attend their regular classes with much enthusiasm.
Especially this year, with your help, we have been able to keep the monks and Lamas safe during this virus epidemic. With the help of a local physician, all the monks had a checkup when the virus was first announced.

Salugara - March 31 2020
Salugara June 9 2020

As well as their religious studies, the monks learn the importance of community work and the environment. On a few occasions all the monks have participated in a cleanup of the village surrounding the monastery. In addition they have planted many plants and trees for the health of the environment and the local area. The local population is much appreciative of their efforts.

Salugara June 9 2020 -1C

Your support insures their continuing education and training for the welfare and benefit of all beings.