Dec 17

Annual Exams 2021 conclusion

Dear Patrons and Donors.

I am happy to report that the annual exams were very successful. All the monks passed their exams and now look forward to a few weeks holiday before starting their classes again in about a month.

In order to make the monk’s learning environment even better, we would like to appeal for funds to purchase low, foldable tables that can serve as desks for the monks in their classes. They will have to be custom ordered to make sure they are large enough for the monks to place their books, pencils etc. and for writing and drawing. As well we would like to able to supply each monk with their own cushion for classes as well as the tables.

I have enclosed an example of what we would like to provide for the monks.

We would appreciate any help you could offer in this regard as well as your continued support to the welfare and education of the monks.

From me, the Lamas, and all the monks, a sincere thank you for your kindness and generosity.


Lama Tenpa
Droden Kunchab Chodey Monastery – Salugara
December 17, 2021