Jun 25

Problems donating?

Is this site secure?
The shangpakagyu.org donation website is secure. After clicking a banner or following a donation link, the page you’re taken to is on a secured site (https protocol); all information is encrypted and handled following the highest standard of data protection (strong access controls, network and web application firewalls, continuous monitoring, …).

What currencies can I use to donate?
Donations can be made in one of the currencies currently supported:
– Euro (€) – EUR
– United States (US) dollar ($) – USD
– Chinese yuan (¥) – CNY
– Australian dollar ($) – AUD
– Canadian dollar ($) – CAD
– Hong Kong dollar ($) – HKD
– New Taiwan dollar (NT$) – TWD
– Swiss franc (CHF) – CHF
– Pound sterling (£) – GBP
– Brazilian real (R$) – BRL
– Indian rupee (₹) – INR
Donations should preferably be made using the currency of your country.

What data must be provided during the checkout?
– First / Last name (mandatory)
– Country (mandatory)
– Street address (optional)
– Postcode / ZIP (mandatory)
– Town / City (mandatory)
– Email address, which will be used as login to access your donator account (mandatory)
– Create account password (mandatory)
– Donation notes (optional)

All this information is used to create your donator account when you make your first donation. During your next donation, you just need to log in with your email and password specified during the first donation (Returning donator? Click here to login). Being logged in, you can also access the history of your donations.
If you forgot your password, you can reset it.

What are the different means of payment offered?
shangpakagyu.org takes payments via Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Diners, …) or via PayPal.

Can I donate without having to create a donator account?
Yes you can donate directly via PayPal helpingthechildren@shangpakagyu.org or make a bank transfer.

Still having trouble?
If you need help resolving a donation problem, please contact donator@shangpakagyu.org. Please let us know which browser and donation link you are using, and provide a description or, if possible, a screenshot of the error. Please do not include credit card numbers in your email.