Aug 01

Kalu Rinpoche | Perspective on Dharma in the modern world (Q&A1)

Q: I was wondering how, what you presented tonight relates to the direct experience teachings of Mahamudra and Dzogchen?

A:  How does it relate to the Mahamudra and Dzogchen? You see, that when you do the yoga, that if your mind is all, “all over the place”, then you cannot keep the air for a quite a time. So the length of the air and the capacity, of course it can go up to three minutes, so on. And it depends on the, the calmness of the mind. So if your mind is like “all over the place”, obviously your body reacts to it, your air reacts to it and then you kind of let it go right away.

How that is related to the nature of the mind – it is not directly, it’s not directly linked to the nature of the mind as if that is going to “trigger”, it’s not like that. You, you have to continue to do practice. You have to continue to do practice, just by doing a one time of the sequence, one time of the session is not going to be enough.

You have to receive the, the nature of the mind teaching prior to that as well. Little bit before, little bit after, little bit during. So when you receive the nature of the mind teaching, what it happens is that when you do all the physical movement, at the end of the sequence, you know, of all, at the end of the all the sequence or somewhere in the middle, your mind goes into a state, a very sense of calmness, is a very much in a sense a “needless” attitude.

So then, if, when you are, you know, you are bringing that kind of a condition with your air, and the body and untying the channel, you bringing like, that kind of condition, isn’t it? So as you bring that condition, and then if you have the nature of the mind teaching, and then you bring that into your sense of reflection of thoughts in your mind, in that, in, in that very subtle moment, and that’s how the yoga becomes the part of the Mahamudra, or the Dzogchen, or the Nature of the mind practice.


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Perspective on dharma in the modern world – 4th May 2023

To be continued …