Sep 03

Thank you for your continued support | Online Learning

Due to the world epidemic and travel restrictions, I was not able to travel to India this year to continue teaching English to the monks and lamas at Rinpoche’s monastery. At the suggestion of Rinpoche, we investigated having classes online so that the monks could continue their education. After some exploration and trials we have started online classes for monks using Zoom. It is still new to all of us so we continue to refine the classes for remote learning.

In the future we would like to enhance the equipment at the monastery and purchase books to make the classes more complete. As well, we are exploring transmitting worksheets electronically that can be copied and handed out to the students. The monks as well as myself, are excited about being able to maintain contact in video-link and the classes have been enthusiastically received by the monks.

I am hopeful that we can continue to refine the process and with the help of the donors be able to maintain and upgrade equipment as we go forward.

Thank you for your continued support.


Lama Tenpa
Salugara – September 3, 2020