Oct 02

Kalu Rinpoche | Vajrayana Buddhism – Who is the Buddha (Q&A1)

Host: Who is the Buddha?

Kalu Rinpoche: First of all, Tashi Delek to all of you.
Buddha, from my understanding, from my limited clarity that I have, is that, in a relative level, Buddha is the one that we seen and witness and the story and then also the one that who have achieved the enlightenment in Bodhgaya. That’s the Buddha that we know, that we see.

But the real Buddha is Dharmakaya itself. That is a exemplary figure for us to follow his footsteps, so that we can also achieve the ultimate happiness and enlightenment over the time. So that kind of understanding is probably quite important.


H. E Kalu Rinpoche talks to Karma Dendup about Vajrayana Buddhism, Shangpa Kagyu, Niguma Yoga and many more during the Fourth International Conference on Vajrayana Buddhism at The Centre for Bhutan and GNH Studies.

To be continued …