Mar 08

Kalu Rinpoche | Keep the Dharma Alive (Part 4)

So therefore, I’m not trying to push everybody to become monk and nun and all that.

What I’m trying to say is that: try to keep the Dharma alive by associating with it on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean you have to practice every day. Just be a bit mindful of the Buddha’s teaching.

Talk a little bit with your kids, with your niece, nephew, sisters, brothers. Don’t just keep it as a traditional, cultural aspect. Try to do a little bit. Try to share a little bit, you know. And then if you can do like that for the next 10 years, 5 years, we will have an impact for the whole next generation.

You don’t have to do it for 30, 40 years. If you can do it for few years, few months, that will have profound impact for the upcoming and the current generation.

So that’s that.


Kalu Rinpoche
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