Sep 10

Kalu Rinpoche | Mahakala

I learned from our retreat master that the Four Deities was from the Shangpa lineage but what I already knew was that the Six Arm Mahakala was my protector. Bokar Rinpoche told me. In his room he had this Mahakala shrine in Mirik monastery. He always kept the curtain closed. A few times, whenever I would get sick or whenever I was unwell, he opens the curtain and he tells me, “You see. This is the protector of our Shangpa lineage, of the previous Kalu Rinpoche and this will also be your protector in the future. So always believe, trust and have devotion to this protector.


From my first book < I Am a Lost and Found Buddhist >
Love and respect from your Kalu Rinpoche
January 2019