Sep 29

Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma Meditation BCCUK (Part 2)

Okay, so today in this morning session, the idea is that I have to teach you “The Cleansing with the AH“, you know, in Tibetan we call it the “tang che a’i stong ra”, you know, “Cleansing with the AH“, you know? So that’s the visualisation cleansing practice. [Tibetan]

Like an example, in other different traditions, you have the visualisation of the Vajrasattva, consort, or singular, different aspect of the visualisation. In a Niguma’s tradition, you visualise Cleansing with the AH. The AH represents the emptiness, the nature of the mind, your consciousness, and as well as a, the cleansing purpose as well.

In order to have a true liberation, we need to break away from the illusion of our mind. In order to break away from the illusion of our mind, we need to understand the relative level in order to understand the meaning of emptiness. Understanding of emptiness cannot be just [Rinpoche snaps fingers] like that, you know? So in order to understand the meaning of emptiness, you have to understand the relative truth. In order to understand the relative truth, you need to have a little bit of less fixation. In order to have a less fixation, you need to do the cleansing practice.

The distinction between the, being a Buddhist practitioner and the other faith practitioner, is that other faith we say that “I created this problem, and somewhere from the middle space, please come and solve my problem”. Buddhist we say that, you know, “I created this problem, I can solve my problem with the teaching from the Buddha”.


His Eminence Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche at BCCUK (44′ 27”)
September 10,

To be continued …