Sep 20

Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma Yoga Event in France – ignorance has been dispelled (Part 9)


Like an example, in our ordinary world, we worship, you know, movie stars, writers, poets, artists, musicians, you know? We say “Oh, I’m like him, or like her”, you know? And that ideology is there anyway and it doesn’t bring any harm, brings you inspiration and motivation, move on until you become better than them, who knows, you become equal to them or become better than them. There’s no harm, we’ve been doing it since we were little, you know? We start from fighting with a, being a knight and being a princess, you know? little age, and becoming something more. So having that it’s not something very dangerous or anything. And then in our spiritual journey, to revere the Buddha as an exemplary figure, does not harm anyone. Buddha doesn’t mind either.

Okay, so now, symbolic refuge that you should do, whether you consider yourself Buddhist or not, this is the idea. And those who are Buddhist practitioner you know, those who consider that you “oh, I’m kind of in between” this is what you think.

Okay, so here comes the… So you can say “By the”, you know, “By blessings of the Buddha, it has been a”, or, “By the blessings of Niguma”, or it can be a “By the blessings of the Green Tara” it’s doesn’t has to be a Buddha only, can be any deity that you feel connected to. So you visualise that. So you say, you know, “By the blessings of the…”, then you visualise. So, here comes the, the detailed visualization. First, I will do two things: first I will make a thorough explanation of the visualization and then I will do a guided meditation so that I can explain to you while you’re visualizing at the same, simultaneously. Okay?

Okay, so you have the voice recording ready, so don’t ask me any questions later, okay? So you remember everything.


So there’s three things in terms of the cleansing AH visualization:

  1. The Cleansing AH visualization practice,
  2. Cleansing our suffering in particular,
  3. and then the third category is seeing the significant sign that you have doing the proper practice of the Cleansing AH.

So these are the three kinds.

Okay, so being said that, now what I just previously explained about the refuge, is just explained there, so I don’t have to repeat again.

So you can say “To the Buddha” or “the Green Tara”, or “the Niguma”, you can say, “I wish to cleanse all my negativities, my suffering, my karma, all of that”.

With a little bit of intense attitude and repeatedly and with a quite a pure wish, with a certain, pure wishing, with a little bit of … [Tibetan]

By the result of that, visualization of the Buddha or the Green Tara, then you request for all the cleansing of the suffering and the karma and all the challenges that you’re going through, physically and emotionally. By the result of that immense request and that purity mindset, there has been a radiance, [Tibetan] transmit to your body.

And then by the blessings of that radiance going through your crown, this is your crown, and then think that instantly, that all the ignorance has been dispelled and dissolved.


Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche – Niguma Yoga Event in France
Paldenshangpa La Boulaye – August, 19 2023 (DAY 2) morning session

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