Feb 23

Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma Yoga Event in HK – the way of being Buddhist

Q: Deity attachment, does that mean we, if we feel our angry desire, we make it like, some offering to the deity, or what?

A: Yeah, you can do that, like you can say “I offer all my desire, I offer all my negativities to all my buddhas and bodhisattvas” instead of like “I’m angry”, and instead of “I want this one”.

Sometimes it’s good to have arrogance, you know, to get what you want in your life, to be fair. To be determined for your job, for your family, to hold by your principals, right? Otherwise people come on your head. You understand what I mean right?

So you have to hold your foundations, you know, as a human being. You have to be realistic.

Some Buddhist people they are so unrealistic and then they lose everything, they become abused and disrespected by other people, because they take advantage, you know? So you should not go in that direction. Should not even attempt to go in that direction.

Just keep your mindset simple, practice, and when the quality is there in your heart, it will show by itself. You don’t need to remind yourself “I am Buddhist, I have to do this, I cannot do that”, you know? When the quality is there, you will, by the result of the practice, it will show all by itself, without even telling yourself.

That’s the way of being Buddhist.

If you say “Ahh! I’m a Buddhist! I cannot do this! I can do that! I cannot do this!” That, then, then your mind becomes stressful. Then it’s not a Buddhism anymore.


Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche – Niguma Yoga Event in HK
Kadoorie Centre, Shek Kong, Hong Kong – Saturday 11th February 2023