Mar 30

Kalu Rinpoche | Palden Lhamo

I think it is important to let every one of you know that Palden Lhamo is an enlightened protector. And when we say a protector, it is not just someone guarding the door or guarding the temple or guarding the protectors place. Protector means the protector of the Buddhist teaching, the protector of the truth. That’s the definition of protector.

Indeed, when people hear about the protector, they think of somebody to worship for a very short term, for the short- term happiness or short-term success or something like a local spirit. So I think we have to understand the distinction between the local spirit that ordinary people worship, and then the enlightened being protector or the enlightened Bodhisattvas, which are equal. We must be respectful. It is necessary to have that kind of a perspective. Making that distinction is very important.

And then, the most important point is how we make prayers to the protector. I want to explain to you a little bit what attitude we should have towards the protector. I think it is a key idea to develop. We explain many things about the practice but we explained very little about the attitude towards it. I think that’s one point I should teach.

The attitude towards is the fundamental. It all comes down to the pure intention. And then the definition of the pure intention has to come from the pure mind, and the pure mind comes down to not expecting anything in return, but the pure respect must come from the bottom from your heart. That motivation is needed.

And then is the definition of the pure devotion. The meaning of the devotion is that you should not expect anything in return, but feel joy and be in the moment of joy. Yet, at the same time you should be praying from the bottom of your heart, for the benefit of all sentient being, and experiment the continuity of that moment. That is important.


With love and respect from Kalu Rinpoche
Extract from Live teaching on February 22. 2020