Apr 12

Kalu Rinpoche | Wang Lung Tri (Part 5)

Now when it comes to a highly realized being, there is no such thing as a sand mandala that needs to be created. There is simply a yogi or a great realized being that simply expresses his own interpretation of the existence of the mandala. The other student sees, not just vividly but sees very clearly, the guru or the mentor or the person giving the empowerment as an actual embodiment or the actual existence, not in the flesh or the bone, but in an actual existence of the deity.

Then they receive the empowerment and transmission and the teaching and the permission to write down the text for the practice for the upcoming generations. So that is, let’s say, the peak level of a realised student who is now able to see their realized master in that aspect. So that is also empowerment.

It’s not every time that the empowerment has to be grand and beautiful and elegant and lot of colours, it doesn’t happen all the time. It happens based on the practitioner, their gradual realization capacities and so on.

That’s something important for you to realize.


Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche
Oral Transmission: Cleansing Practice of AH (Thangdong Gyalpo’s Instruction)
ZOOM January 27, 2024 (8′ 40”)
Shangpa Kagyu UK

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