Oct 02

Kalu Rinpoche | Vajrayogini, Red Dakini and White Dakini

Q: What does the difference between Vajrayogini, Red Dakini and the White Dakini?

Kalu Rinpoche: Difference between them? The difference between them, the visualization is slightly different, but both serve the same purpose, that is for the Phowa practice mainly, and a subtle level of deity practice.

Q: The practice of Vajrayogini in the Naro lineage and Niguma lineage are they the same or not?

Kalu Rinpoche: In essence, everything is same, you know? In that, to summarize in that direction. Every Buddhasatt-, Bodhisattvas, and every deity practice they are same, right? But, in terms of the visualization, the technical way of practicing, the lineage, that is different, completely.

Like an example, in the Naro Lineage, you know, the Vajrayogini, the way they practice is external Vajrayogini, internal Vajrayogini and the secret Vajrayogini, you know, so they practice in a three layers.

In, in a Shangpa Lineage, we don’t do three layers, you know, we practice White, White Dakini, Red Dakini, but that doesn’t come in a deity category, that comes in a much more subtle level of, more higher level of practice.

We practice deity mainly the Chakrasamvara and the Vajrayogini [Chakrasamvara and four deities – bde mchog lha lnga] and the five Tantric Deities [Five Deity Tantra – gyu de lha nga], these are the main deity of the Shangpa Tradition, yeah.


White Dakini wangs (Five Golden Dharmas of Niguma – gser chos lnga) – Q&A
Bangkok Sunday 1 oct 2023, 12pm