Oct 01

Kalu Rinpoche | Blessing or negative consequence

People who like to misuse it, this is how they achieve it. You know, like the, it gives too much fear right? Say like “oh you don’t listen to me, you are bad practitioner, bad student, you go to Vajra hell” all that nonsense.

Nobody has a authority to do anything, of, you know, let alone us, even the Buddha cannot force you to go somewhere else. Okay? It’s only based on the karma, and your lack of awareness.

But that’s like any other teaching isn’t it? If you don’t practice it, and then you have the opposite consequences, naturally isn’t it?

Anybody who has no awareness, they do only based on their emotion, and they have negative consequences. Don’t need a “Buddha teaching” or “not-Buddha teaching”. When you don’t have a awareness of your choices, then you have negative consequences, in life in general.

If you say “I want this, this is for me and me only” not giving any sort of a concern or any sort of like, middle ground, for anybody, whether it’s a policy, whether it’s a individual, whether it’s a neighbour, whether it’s a family member, right? So when you don’t try to negotiate, and be little bit more strategic, and little bit more practical and little bit more wisdom and little bit of, you know, common sense.

When you don’t apply none of that, and when you say “I speak for myself, and for me and my feelings, and for me, and so on” and then you get a result just like that. You may get everything, but you’re also alone at the end, you know? So, so therefore having a little bit of wisdom, having a little bit of strategy in our life is necessary, isnt it? Even you are not a Buddhist practitioner.

So if you are, if you don’t have awareness, you receive negative consequences for your own actions. You have awareness, then you receive a positive result in life, no matter what life throws at you, isn’t it?

You know, some people they are given all the struggle, and they don’t know how to use, utilise the struggle to improve themselves. They take the struggle, and they go even more deeper, you know? Some people, they see the struggle and then say “How can I take that advantage? How can I learn from it? How can I use it to my advantage? How can I share to others, so that other people don’t make mistakes?” You know?

So, so things like that. So it depends how you do it, isn’t it? There’s no such thing as a, a, you know, mysticism, you know, I don’t want you to fall into mysticism and then having a wrong perception of the Buddhadharma.


White Dakini wangs (Five Golden Dharmas of Niguma)
Bangkok Sunday 1 oct 2023, 11am