Jun 27

The monks continue in their studies

The Lamas carefully oversee the education, health and safety of the young monks. All precautions are taken to make sure that the monks are safe, healthy and have a positive environment for their studies.

All the monks now participate in the pujas and rituals of the monastery including the playing of all the musical instruments and shrine duties. They have also become quite good at making beautiful tormas for the various pujas that are held.

In addition, their English studies continue with online Zoom classes. Their classes include Tibetan language, English, reading and memorization of religious texts, make of tormas, and proper maintenance of the shrine. Many monks have the ability to lead some of the pujas on their own. All the lamas and teachers are proud of the progress of all the monks.

Your continued support of their education and well being is greatly appreciated. With your generous support we have been able to maintain a high standard of education, health and environment for the monks. Thank you from all of us at the monastery.

Lama Tenpa
Salugara – June 27, 2021