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Brief Introduction of the Coming Events in Bangkok & Registration Notification

The Shangpa Kagyu tradition is one of the eight traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. It is most well-known for its two cycles of practice: The Five Golden Dharmas of Niguma and the Six-Armed Mahakala.

This coming October, Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche will bestow the four major empowerments of the Six-Armed Mahakala cycle in Bangkok, Thailand. These include “Dispeller of All Obstacles”, “Master and Protector Inseparable”, “Dispelling Contamination”, and “Magnetizing the Dakinis”.

Rinpoche will also bestow the “White Dakini” and “Red Dakini” empowerments from the Five Golden Dharmas cycle. This cycle is often described with the analogy of a tree where the practice of the white and red Dakinis is compared to the flowers. It is the first time that Rinpoche offers these special empowerments to the public globally.

Rinpoche will also offer teachings on the practice of Niguma Yoga with detailed instructions for each sequence as well as in-person guidance and corrections. When being asked about where does the yoga fit in the Tantric path, Rinpoche explained that “Yoga reinforces your clarity, your awareness, and then it strengthens your foundation and whichever the deity practice that you may be doing.

In his interview with Wisdom Publications earlier this year, in May, Rinpoche asked the following questions to the audience, “What is the meaning of being a Buddhist and the Dharma practitioner?”, “What can you feel within your body and mind?”, “What is the difference before and after?”. As a Buddhist practitioner in present times, we should ask these questions sincerely to ourselves. The most important is, we need to become authentic practitioners.

It is a rare opportunity to receive these very precious empowerments from Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche, and we look forward to welcoming you to join us and embark on the spiritual journey of a solid, authentic Dharma practitioner.

30th, Sep. The Six-Armed Mahakala empowerments including ‘Dispeller of All Obstacles’, ‘Master and Protector Inseparable’, ‘Dispelling Contamination’, and ‘Magnetizing the Dakinis
1st. Oct.White Dakini’ and ‘Red Dakini’ empowerments of the Five Golden Dharmas of Niguma
2nd. – 4th. Oct. Niguma Yoga

Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand

Tuition Fee:
RMB 240 per person for per day to share the cost of venue hire

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