Jan 07

Kalu Rinpoche | Before any session

Q: I have a strong interlock before meditation, what is the solution to make that vanish for good and be in the Dharma? Thank you.

A: I think that before the beginning of any session, to reflect the meaning of impermanence is very important. We have a fixation to everything. So the distraction comes from, due to the fixation, and then illusion of the mind, and then fixated towards that, and then we become completely distracted.

So therefore it is very important before we start any meditation practice, to remind yourself the meaning of samsara, or, not need to be all four or three together, but reflecting the meaning of impermanence.

It doesn’t have to be a dramatic and sad and depressing, you know? It can be encouraging! Clear, and determined, very confident mindset. And you can develop like that. And then based upon that, with a sense of detachment attitude, then you start doing the prayer, practice, meditation, yoga, whatever that may be.

So that’s that.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 2 January 2022 (1h03’)