Jan 15

Kalu Rinpoche | How to cope with stress? (Part 3)

Number two, practice little bit, so that you can see your emotions before you reach to the negative consequence, at least. So if you practice little bit, at least you have a willpower, and at least you have some form of clarity to see the impact of your negative and the positive emotions, and the manipulation of other people, and the attitude of other people. At least you will not have a blind view. At least you will examine your circumstance of yourself before you reach such negative consequences.

Therefore, number one – do not blame yourself, but examine yourself, that’s number one.

Number two – practice little bit, to meditate. Examine your emotions, because the state of stress and challenges will never finish just because you have discovered once. It will continue for the rest of our life, until our last breath. So that’s that.

Because when we are younger, we are trying to be rebel. We are trying to be “open” and “revolutionized”, and “modernized” and so on, so forth. And then after that, slowly you reach to the age of being more conservative. Try to uphold some form of history, some form of origin, some form of tradition, culture, so on, so forth. And then slowly the later in your life, and then you will see also, different younger generation group of people having a lot of dispute and disagreement among each other.

But along all that journey in life, there will be always a difficult challenge, but regardless of the difficult challenge, you should not blame yourself, you should examine yourself. And to have a strength to examine yourself, you need to have a great strength in mind. You need to have a clarity, you need to have a mindset with a clear judgement. A clear judgement is a possibility if you can thoroughly examine the very influence of your emotions, and the very existence of the emotions. If you can understand and discover all of that, and then slowly you will understand the nature of the mind due to that.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 10 January 2021

To be continued…