Dec 17

Kalu Rinpoche | Judgement on Two Directions of Dharma Practice

I have seen different type of practitioners and the students of previous Kalu Rinpoche. I am not trying to judge them, but just by listening to them, I want to judge.

Because there is one type of students of previous Kalu Rinpoche, who says, ‘I have received the Kalachakra empowerment. I have done the Kalachakra retreat. I have done the three-years retreat twice, almost three times. I have received this empowerment from that master, this master…But Rinpoche la, what do you think? What kind of practice do you think I should do?’ It means that individual has still not got the point or the meaning of the practice. And then I meet the second kind of practitioners, who says ‘I took a refuge from previous Kalu Rinpoche. I received the empowerment of Chenrezig, and I do practice of Chenrezig, since then I never stopped. ’And that’s it. These are completely two different type of people.

One had gone in that direction, because that individual wants to practice dharma along with the expectation with the illusion. Expectation of having some kind of miracle and superstition sign. And that’s why without understanding how to bring the dharma more present to our heart, with the lack of understanding and running after the numbers, then you head into that kind of direction. On the other hand, some people saying ‘dharma is very simple and we should keep it simple’ are out of their laziness. Being lazy is neither an option.

Those who have understood the visualization practice, who have understood the dedication practice, who have understood how to bring that development of the visualization to be present, with committed mind-set, not trying to compete with anybody, not trying to simplify themselves either. When you’re authentic, the practice becomes simple according to your experience. So that’s important.

The lesson that I have learned is not to waste time like them, and lesson for ourselves, is that we should not waste our time like them, and we should improve ourselves. And if ever we are in any of these kinds of two different direction, we should encourage ourselves, improve ourselves, gradually and so on.


With Love and Respect from Kalu Rinpoche
22th, Sep. 2018 @ Vancouver, Canada
Guru Yoga Teachings (Part5)