Apr 19

Kalu Rinpoche | Mönlam Aspiration and Dedication prayer to all sentient beings (Part 2)

So that being explained, now I will give a little bit of a, how do I say, a little bit of time to organize.

So I request everyone to, you know, to find your text and then please be seated in a meditation posture. And keep in mind this is a prayer that we will continue for this, you know, right now this current session and tomorrow we will also do it and day after tomorrow we will also do it.

So it is a Shangpa Mönlam prayer that we will do every year, you know, throughout our lifetime and also it will pass in to the next generation as well.

So that, you know, the historical importance I have explained to you, the potential, how do I say, the meaningful path that we have to uphold and that is the purpose and that is the direction.

And to keep it simple, if some of you have a lot of mixed understanding about the dedication prayers and sentient beings and so and so forth, just keep it simple, benefit, wanting to benefit all the sentient beings in this world and everyone who is going through a tremendous suffering, physically, emotionally. And then in this world, in this life and then with unequal treatment. And then family who are passed away or who are dying, and then of course, we will make a prayer with Amitabha three times. So that’s that. Okay?

So, prayer to all the living sentient beings and then prayer to all the sentient beings who are suffering through the next transaction of the, how do I say, between the life and death. So we have to make a prayer for the living and those who are currently suffering in this very moment. And then, so that’s that. Yeah.

So every tradition, you know, like I have said very clearly, you know, this Mönlam tradition is not something that belongs to me only. It is a basic principle of what we call ourself a “Buddhist practitioner”, you know? And I’m making a very clear distinction, why we call ourself a “Buddhist practitioner” because we dedicate and we offer our dedication, we offer of our prayer to benefit all sentient beings with our wisdom and compassion combined, right?

So therefore, you know, with that principle intact and then we will start the prayer. So I brought my, I brought my text. So now, I hope, I hope that all of you are ready with your text. So please be seated in a meditation posture and, please be comfortable and visualize Buddha, Dharma, Sangha and Avalokiteshvara and all the great living Mahasiddhas that you consider as gurus and think of them, visualize them.

Whatever the tradition may, you may be coming from, whichever the lineage you may be coming from, visualize your own masters, visualize your own gurus. And then prayer for the longevity of all the masters and prayers for all the sentient beings who are currently suffering and then prayers for all the sentient beings who are, you know, in the stage of dying, and with lot of suffering. Make a prayer for all of them.

That keeping as a Bodhicitta principle in our mind, and then we will start the prayer now, Okay?



sang gyé chö dang tsok kyi chok nam la
jang chup bar du dak ni kyap su chi
dak gi jin sok gyi pé sö nam kyi
dro la pen chir sang gyé drup bar shok

I take refuge in the buddha, Dharma, and Supreme Assembly
Until the attainment of enlightenment.
Through the merit of practicing generosity and so forth,
May Buddhahood be accomplished for the benefit of beings.


Shangpa Mönlam 2020 – Saga Dawa June 5th, 2020 (9′ 25”)

To be continued …