Sep 18

Kalu Rinpoche | Nature of Mind

You should not have the desire to recognize the nature of mind or how to find it. Where is it? You should not have that kind of attitude. Just be neutral and make sure that your body and mind are quiet then you will see the state of emptiness that has no shape, no color and no movement. It has no desire or influence from desire. It is complete emptiness itself without any creation yet radiant or luminous in that state.
It is not too far and not too close. It is just there. If you find that then you meditate and if you loose the clarity just try to relax a bit then try to concentrate your mind without using any force. It is not a numb emptiness.
If you can’t recognize the nature of mind please do not be disappointed.


From my first book < I Am Lost and Found Buddhist >

Love and respect from your Kalu Rinpoche

April 2018