Sep 05

Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma Yoga Event in France – origin of the Niguma (Part 4)

And then, origin of the Niguma: Niguma herself she is born in a Brahman cast, she is an Indian lady, she is elder sister of Naropa and in some story she is said that she is the younger sister or cousin or wife. But Lama Sarah Harding, she is, Lama Sarah Harding she is a student of Previous Kalu Rinpoche, she is a scholar, and translator, and thorough researcher and she says “She is the elder sister of Naropa”. And I said “Okay, no problem”.

So, so the Niguma, she had all this great realization and she said “I have no human figure teacher but I have only one teacher and that is the Buddha”, you know. That is the statement of her realization.

So, and her teachings was brought to Tibet and later on it was spread to China, it was spread to Mongolia, it was spread to Bhutan and Nepal and in different places in the region.

And then in the 1970s, Previous Kalu Rinpoche spread the teachings, general Buddhadharma around the world, and specially the Shangpa Lineage and Niguma’s teaching, and starting the Three Years retreat for men and women and so on. That is the historical relation to us to this day, Okay?

And then, and my personal journey is, of course, I was recognized by H.H. Dalaï Lama and Situ Rinpoche when I was little and said “you are the reincarnation of Kalu Rinpoche”.

And I have zero ideas of what that means. I was sitting on the throne, falling asleep, eating candies, chips, you know, things like that.

And of course I do little bit of studies here and there, I’m not a good practitioner nor student, but in the Three Years Retreat, during the second year I have a little bit of history lessons, I read the volume of the teachings of Niguma, that was the beginning of my personal connection. And then the moment I came out of retreat, I was saying to myself that “I want to revive this lineage”, “I want to bring this lineage” and so on and on.

And then my Gurus and great teachers, His Holiness, starting with Situ Rinpoche back in 2009 and last year H.H. Dalaï Lama, you know, he supported me all the way to the lineage, the Shangpa Lineage as the Lineage holder and the practice of Niguma in general.

So it has been a very long journey, hard, difficult journey, but truthful journey, yeah. So, so that’s that.

And also, due to the support of all the Lamas of La Boulaye as well, yeah. So it’s all combination of everything, like Lama Serge explaining, and translating, converting people, brainwashing people. [haha]
Not fully translate, it’s okay. [haha]

Anyway, so let’s start the Niguma Yoga, enough with all the translation and explanation of everything, you know. Otherwise you will be thinking… “Oh, this is another event that just put the name of the Yoga, not doing any Yoga”.

So just to finalize in order to respect the Niguma’s teaching. The Niguma is, there are the Five jewels of Niguma. This is just one aspect of the Yoga. There is a Dream Yoga practice, an Intermediate state practice [bardo practice], Transmitting the state of the consciousness practice [powa practice], Clear light practice, there’s so many other types which I will explain to you over the time. Okay.


Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche – Niguma Yoga Event in France
Paldenshangpa La Boulaye – August, 18 2023 – morning session

To be continued …