Jul 21

Kalu Rinpoche | Perspective on Dharma in the modern world (Part 11)

Host: So faith to the Dharma, then devotion will naturally come.

Kalu Rinpoche: Yes, yes.

Host: When it’s time.

Kalu Rinpoche: Yes, Yes.

Of course you can respect to all the great master, you can receive all the teachings, whether it’s from the Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyu, Gelug, Jonang, Shangpa, whichever the tradition may be, but don’t force yourself. Don’t force yourself to be compassionate. Practice compassion, and the result will come eventually by itself.

Just like that, focus on the clarity of your mind, and then the devotion to the authentic master, you will see it, you will sense it, then you will devote at that time, by itself.


Live with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche on Wisdom Dharma Chats (32′ 28”)
Perspective on dharma in the modern world – 4th May 2023

To be continued …