Jun 11

Rinchen Tsöndru | To see the deity’s face

Mogchokpa Rinchen Tseundru

One géshé from Lo-wo asked for a technique to see the face of whatever deity he practiced. Rinchen Tsöndru replied with these words:

Banish worldly activity from your mind.
Without doubt or divided attention,
Meditate on the deity’s form,
Clarity without discursive thought.

Don’t engage in endless conversations;
Recite mantras —sound and emptiness.
If you do this, you will quickly see the deity’s form.
Have no doubt!

This advice inspired strong certainty in the géshé; after three months of meditation, he saw Tara’s face.

The learned and accomplished master Kyungpo Naljor had six great spiritual heart sons upon whom he bestowed the entire body of his profound instruction. Among them, one alone was the designated inheritor of the lineage, the last of the six, known as Mokchok-pa Rinchen Tsöndru.

Timeless Rapture – Inspired Verses of the Shangpa Masters
Compiled by Jamgon Kongtrul
Translated and introduced by ngawang zangpo