Sep 07

Kalu Rinpoche | Tantra Misconceptions

What is happening nowadays in Vajrayana is that it is going backwards. The very purpose of the Vajrayana is to break away from the concept of perfection. Whether you are religious or non religious you still have this very small attachment based on perfection. Vajrayana is about breaking away from that. Nowadays Vajrayana is going back to the concept of perfection. Everybody is trying to be perfect, the perfect leader, the perfect master, the perfect student and so on.

The reason that we see the yogis dressed in a very simple way is because thay are needless and they also crossed beyond the concept of perfection. In the beginning people have a very strong belief in perfection. I have to follow that principle. Then slowly, slowly when they integrate the Buddha’s teachings, they break away from attachment and the concept of perfection. They understand the real meaning of Buddha, of the Dharma.

Milarepa once joked, “Look at all these people who call themselves a yogi but the wife’s belly is already swollen!“. The real meaning of a yogi has nothing to do with a woman, nor a woman with a man either. The real consort is what you combine with you and with your yoga practice. You combine the complete state of joy with your meditation and Mahamudra state. That is the meaning of union. That is the meaning of consort. It has nothing to do with a woman or a man. It is a single person and how you combine the body and the mind together, appreciating the complete joy but not being attached at the same time, transforming it into a meditative state. That is the real meaning of consort and that is why Milarepa joked that all these people who claim to be yogis but there wives are already pregnant.


From my first book < I Am Lost and Found Buddhist >

Love and respect from your Kalu Rinpoche

September 2018