Apr 08

Kalu Rinpoche | Wang Lung Tri (Part 3)

Therefore, now going back, “wang”, “lung”, “tri“, “sum[3].

Most of us, when we think about the empowerment, we think about it in the sense of it being “object based”. We think that empowerment is only defined based on the Lama or the Rinpoche sitting on the throne, you’re sitting on the ground.

There’s a bumpa [ritual vase] or the statue or the torma [representation of a deity] that is coming towards you and placed on your head. That’s one way of thinking about empowerment, externally, I’m talking about externally.

So the empowerment itself is not necessarily an “object”. All the objects are based on the symbolic, small representation, small representation of the visualization itself, that’s the external explanation.


Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche
Oral Transmission: Cleansing Practice of AH (Thangdong Gyalpo’s Instruction)
ZOOM January 27, 2024 (6′ 05”)
Shangpa Kagyu UK

To be continued …