Apr 05

Tibet House US NYC – April 6-7 & April 11, 2024

This weekend, we have the great honor of welcoming H.E. Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche, the lineage holder of the Shangpa Kagyu lineage, to teach at Tibet House US, in person and online.

Rinpoche will be sharing an Introductory Teaching on Meditation, Saturday, April 6 and Instruction and Empowerment on The Four-Armed Manifestation of Avalokiteshvara on Sunday, April 7.

Both days are from 10am-5pm ET, including a two hour lunch break in between sessions.

On Thursday, April 11, Rinpoche will lead another hybrid teaching centered on the wisdom Dakini Niguma and teachings on Dream Yoga.

Learn more/register: https://events.thus.org

Tibet House US – NYC