Jan 13

Salugara Monastery renovations update 2024

Thank you to all our sponsors, Lamas and monks for your contribution to the renovations at His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche’s Salugara Monastery!

Here is an update of the renovations, which started in November 2022:

Works complete: The Main Stupa, the 2 offering goddesses, 108 small stupas around the Monastery, and the Buddha statues within the main temple.

Works in progress: Internal and external repairs and repainting of the dormitories for the Lamas, monks and little monks, classrooms for the little monks, the Monastery’s kitchen, and butter lamp house.

Future planned works: Repainting the 100 Buddhas and the 4 mandalas.

If you would like to make an offering towards the repairs and renovations at Salugara Monastery:

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You can also donate via your donor account (if you do not have an account, it will be created during your first donation).

Thank you again for all who made the renovations possible so far. We dedicate all the merits with this prayer composed by His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche:

Any positive merits, I dedicate to the prosperity of the Buddha-Dharma, to the longevity of all the great masters, to the harmony and wisdom and truthfulness of the worldwide Sanghas, and to the liberation of all the sentient beings from the illusion of samsara.


With love and respect,
Shangpa Kagyu team
January 2024

Please note: None of the funds made to the Dharmapala Association go towards the personal use of Kalu Rinpoche.
If you wish to make a personal offering to Kalu Rinpoche, please fill in the contact us form.