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Cleansing Practice of AH & Four-Armed Chenrezig Sadhana – 27th January & 24th February 2024

Online: January/February Teaching by H.E. Kalu Rinpoche


27th Jan.: Cleansing Practice of AH (Oral Transmission & Group Practice)

The Cleansing Practice of AH , also known as ‘The Purifying AH of Inner Space’, is from the Uncommon Preliminary Practices of the Six Yogas of Niguma where it replaces the usual Vajrasattva purification.

Rinpoche has, in our October and November Zoom, taught the instructional texts from the Shangpa Masters Tangtong Gyalpo and Taranatha. This time, he will give the oral transmission of both texts. Lama Chodrak will then lead a group practice for us.


24th Feb.: Four-Armed Chenrezig Sadhana (Empowerment & Instruction)

The Four-armed Chenrezig, “The Infinite Benefit of All Beings”, is a very profound practice which was revealed to Siddha Tangtong Gyalpo in his pure vision of Chenrezig. It was first introduced to the West by the previous Kyabjé Kalu Rinpoche who was one of the first teachers to present preliminary practices (Ngöndro) and the practice of Chenrezig as a Yidam. This practice is widely spread and performed regularly in many Dharma Centres across the world.

On one of the most auspicious days of the Wood Dragon Year, the 15th of the Miracle Month, Rinpoche will bestow the empowerment and give instructions on this practice.


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