Jun 22

Shangpa Gurtso ‘Timeless Rapture’ | Buddha Vajra Bearer

The sixth conqueror, great Buddha Vajra Bearer, lord who pervades all families of enlightenment, sang this song of vajra verses of the abiding nature to his own appearance, the wisdom dakini [Niguma]. In the innate sound of the unborn nature, he introduces cyclic life and transcendence as the nature of Great Seal:

Great bliss, spontaneously present and uncompounded—
Great Buddha Vajra Bearer, enlightenment’s perfect rapture,
Sang this unborn, innate melody I heard:

Ordinary mind: how amazing!

The preliminary practice is threefold natural repose.
The main practice frees the four faults in their own ground. At the point of culmination, enlightenment’s four bodies arise of themselves.

The preliminary vow is the secret vajra.
Compassion and prayer enrich meditative experience.
Whatever appears merges with the path.

Manifest realization is nonmeditation without distraction.
Blend this in a state without thought to integrate it on the path.
Clear light and gazes enrich the experience.

After waking, merge clarity with absence of thought.
Regard the luminosity of day, night, and the intermediate state As enlightenment’s self-arising, inseparable three bodies.

No one knows this, the tantras’ concealed, ultimate meaning,
Disclosed in a single instruction:
Nonmeditation and nondistraction.
With familiarity and stability in this,
You can now traverse awakening’s paths and stages.
Without mental activity, the two obscurations are purified in their own ground.
The three bodies arise of themselves;
The result is spontaneously present.

All discourses and tantras teach this, but it is naturally concealed: You must learn it from the mouth of a blessed spiritual master.

From thoughts’ clouds that billow within the space of ultimate enlightenment,
The five poisons’ lightning flashes—see it as timeless great wisdom!
Without mental activity, free from hope and fear—
Ordinary mind, to you I bow!

When he requested these vajra verses [from Niguma], the learned and accomplished Kyungpo Naljor offered five hundred measures of gold to the wisdom dakini. He placed this text like a heart in an amulet box he always wore at his neck.