Jun 25

Special thanks for your continued support | English classes in Salugara – June 2022

It has been almost three years since I was able to come to India and hold in-person classes for the monks. With the easing of restrictions in many countries over the Covid precautions, I arrived in India to coordinate and begin the in-person classes again. Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been holding classes online by Zoom. While online classes continued, it is not the same as being personally present to help the monks anytime of the day. We will continue online classes when I am not in India.

Upon my return, I was happy to see the progress the monks have made in their studies. Of course they have all grown over those years and some of them dramatically so. The older monks can now lead all the pujas and rituals, play all the instruments and have become more proficient in Tibetan.

Upon my arrival, we set up a new schedule for English classes. We also purchased new text books for the classes. There a total of 30 monks. This year we had 4 new monks join the monastery.

We have two English classes:

  • Group One is the beginner class for basic reading and writing (8 to 12 years old).
  • Group Two are the older monks with better English skills (12 to 16 years old) .

For the older Group Two, I have introduced a class on basic Science and another on Buddhism in English.

In the future more subjects will be introduced to help round out their knowledge. Students and teacher are happy to be reunited again.

Daily Schedule:
4 am Wake up and Pecha memorizing
5:30 am Puja, Drolma or Monlam
7 am Breakfast
8 am Tibetan
10 am Tibetan
11:30 Lunch
1 pm Reading and memorizing
2 pm English Group 1
3 pm Mahakala puja
5 pm English Group 2
6 pm Dinner
7 pm Recitation
9 pm Sleep

Half Day Saturday and all day Sunday is a holiday when the monks play football and relax.

Exams are held annually at the end of the year after which the monks have an extended holiday.

Teachers: Lama Rigzin, Lama Choki Senge, Lama Mani, Lama Tenpa.
Lama Sonam, Lama Purna and Lama Orgyen also help out in their education as needed.

Lama Tenpa – Droden Kunchab Chodey Monastery – Salugara – 25 June 2022