Jan 30

Kalu Rinpoche | Nothing truly exists

Q: I always feel so real when communicate with different people in my life but that is not easy to practice with “everything is not truly exist”, could you please give me some advice?

A: I think you’re mixing up with the idea of “everything is illusion, nothing is truly there, everything is emptiness”. I think you read too much emptiness things.

So I think what you should do is that you should practice Chenrezig, practice compassion to develop more wisdom. The emptiness will come all by itself and all that understanding “nothing truly exists, everything is merely a simply illusion, every moment that is passing is an also an illusion”.

But that idea of the illusion, that “this is a illusion”, “that is illusion”, that idea of “that illusion” also should not be attached between me and between that reality, then you meditate little bit, you know? So if you say “oh, everything is illusion, everything is illusion”, like a school boy, like a school kid, and then of course that is clear understanding, that is a clear indication you didn’t understand the meaning of illusion.

Then having no attachment to that realization, of “everything is illusion”, is a true understanding and realization that everything is illusion, understand? But in order to have that kind of a clarity, you need to practice Chenrezig, practice compassion, decrease the ego. Decrease the ego, decrease the illusion.
Decrease the illusion and wisdom appears by itself.


Kalu Rinpoche
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