Jan 01

The Five Golden Teachings

There are many special teachings in the Shangpa Lineage but the most important are called the Five Golden Teachings, which are likened to the parts of a tree.

  • The roots of the tree are the Six Teachings of Niguma; the teachings on Heat, the Illusory Body, and the Dream state, Sheer Clarity, Transference and the Bardo between death and birth.
  • The trunk is considered to be the Locket tradition of Mahamudra, which combines Mahamudra teachings of Niguma, Maitripa and Sukhasiddhi.
  • The branches of the tree are the three methods of carrying one’s understanding in meditation into daily activity
  • The flowers are the practice of development and completion with the White and Red Dakinis.
  • The fruit is the Teachings on the Deathless Nature of mind and body.