Feb 19

Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma Meditation Paris – everything is impermanent (Part 7)

Okay, so in order to start here meditation, you have to do the breathing exercise. And the breathing exercise goes like this, you know, when you inhale all the way, your fingers on your kneecap.

In the future I will teach the Niguma Yoga in Paris, you know, but right now I just teach you the breathing, basic, you know.

So it goes like this, you know, when you inhale [Rinpoche inhales], all the way, then you exhale [Rinpoche exhales], you know. You make your vase empty and exhale all the way and then you inhale all the way [Rinpoche demonstrates breathing cycle].

So, you have to keep your mind on the breath, you know, from the breath that is going out of your nostril, you know, the sensation of the breath, from the very strong to the subtle all the way to the end, and keeping your mind in that. And then when you inhale, keeping your mind on the sensation of the breath itself, and three times.

And then after that you say “everything is impermanent”. You don’t have to think “why” and “where”, just “everything is impermanent” better.

Okay? I will demonstrate one more time, then we will do it all together.

Okay it goes like this, I will demonstrate, when you inhale you bring your finger in, when you exhale you let the fingers out.

So I demonstrate one time and then we will do it all together. So it goes like this [Rinpoche demonstrates breathing three cycles]. Then you say “everything is impermanent”, you know? With one statement in your mind, like that, with a sense of detachment towards it.

Okay, so now we will do the Niguma Cleansing with AH all together, okay?


Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche – Breathing and Niguma Meditation
September 8, 2023
La Grande Pagode de Vincennes – Paris

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