Aug 25

Kalu Rinpoche | Niguma Yoga Event in France – meditation, breathing and mindfulness (Part 3)

So we did … research on that.

First 15 minutes was “think of nothing”: no meditation, no falling asleep, which was very difficult. So, they said “no meditation, and don’t sleep, close your eyes”, that was a very weird combination because if you close your eyes, you fall asleep, you know? if there’s no meditation then your mind is not clear, so it was very challenging that one. So there was 15 minutes of that.

And then, then there was another 15 minutes of self-induced stress, you know, like so I tried to think of traumatic experience, some kind of a very immense suffering that I had, so I tried to recreate that memory in my mind. So I see how my brain is reacting to that, yeah, different part of the brain. So there was 15 minutes of that. It was Okay. So that’s, that was 15 minutes.

And then, there was a sequence number 1 to sequence number 14 [of the Niguma Yoga]. All the way straight, without any interruption in between. And at the end of the 14th sequence and then they do brain scan again. And then, then we do all the way from the top to bottom, without any separation in between. And then we do 21 times of hard landing in one, you know, with one འབེབས། bep [fall] and then like that.

So it shows a very different part of the brain activity, it shows very much like, how can I say, when you are stressed your brain is reacting, little bit like a red pink color, little bit dark, when it comes to a self-induced stress. And then when it comes to your mind becoming very relax, the brain is reacting to a very light blue. So that’s a sense of calmness, like, it’s like when you going to the stage of sleep, you know, very calm, very relax.

So these are the studies we have done. And then, the head of this organization, they call it a EEG, the electronic wave, the head of that research, they study that a little bit. They asked me to come again. So I finished my American tour and they say “okay, now we want you to do it again. Because this time we want to do very simple, before and after only, without many cut in between” So then we did before and after, in between. So it was, it was good result.

And it was good result and it will publish next year, the studies and the books and everything of the Niguma Yoga. Because what I’m planning is that I also bring western doctor and eastern doctor, as well as a Hatha Yoga, and then the Niguma Yoga combined together, creating book, so that people of all culture background, they can have the easy relation. So not so boring book. So that’s, that is something that will be done by next year.

But the reason I’m explaining is that these are the research that I have done, and these are the principle that I have. And like an example, today we are here, maybe you came here for the first time, we are not trying to create a guru/student relationship, we are trying to do the Yoga and focus on that, we focus on meditation, we focus on breathing and we focus on the mindfulness, all combined together. So these are the main priorities of our Three Years retreat. Okay?

So, being said that, last four months, I think April, May, June, July, I think I’ve been going throughout America, teaching yogas and other sort of meditation teaching. And I think the end of the event, there was one Niguma Yoga, there was a, and I want to throw this carpet away in the garbage, because it was too much.

After 4 months. It was 4 months of non-stop American tour, yoga here and there, here and there, and then at the end of the event, I wanted to throw this carpet away, you know, the carpet becomes like so thin like this, because I land so many times. Because yeah it’s different than doing for yourself and you teach others, to do more intensively when you teach others and to talk, and you have to engage with yourself and others

So this Niguma Yoga is basically, like I said, you can either go in physical and mental well-being and you can have all the beautiful experience of the blissful experience, if you just do the yoga.
Then if you do through the Buddhist way, practice Dharma, practice Bodhicitta, that can also enhance your spiritual journey as well. So that is the part.


Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche – Niguma Yoga Event in France
Paldenshangpa La Boulaye – August, 18 2023 – morning session

To be continued …