Jan 12

Kalu Rinpoche | The most important samaya

Q: If you receive many empowerments, how do we deal with all the samayas?

A: There’s only one samaya. All the others are detail.

There’s only one samaya, and that is harmonious within. If you are not harmonious in within, no matter whatever you are trying to uphold, the samaya, it will become a joke anyway.

So the most important samaya is not what you fear, it’s not what you have to hold, against another person. The most important of all the samaya, is a harmonious in heart. The harmonious in heart comes only when you have understanding and acceptance to the reality of the suffering, and seeing the solution, to the teachings of the Buddha, only. Only then, then you find the harmonious attitude in heart.

Once you find the harmonious attitude in heart, then all these small particles of this samaya, things will eventually will catch up with you by itself. If you try to grasp after all the different ideas of the samaya, you can never uphold them.

Very clear. I can guarantee you that. I’m not an enlightened being, I’m just a practitioner, but that I can guarantee you. What I can guarantee you, is that if you try to catch after all the samayas, little bit like catching birds, and then you will never succeed.

So the most important, to uphold the samaya, is to have a harmonious heart. Harmonious heart, and then there’s a harmonious attitude. When there’s a harmonious attitude, then there’s a harmonious sangha.

So in order to reach to that conclusion, or that result, you as an individual, you need to have a broader understanding about life and the reality of the suffering, and the samsara itself, and seeing the solution, only to the Three Jewels, and having that kind of mindset is more important matter.


Kalu Rinpoche
FB Livestream – 20 December 2020