Aug 08

Kalu Rinpoche | Stages in the Path of Illusion | What is the meaning of illusion (Part 1)

In the Path of Illusion“, so that’s the title. The meaning of the “In the Path of Illusion”, does not mean that being chaotic. “In the Path of Illusion” means the illusion is seen as the state of the buddhahood. Let’s put it like this. Nothing in between. The state of illusion is seen as the objective goal. Objective goal or ultimate goal.

So that is the meaning of the illusion. Illusion, illusion, illusion. It does not mean being chaotic, chaotic, chaotic. Meaning of illusion means that is our objective goal to reach, or ultimately over the time.

So understand that correctly, then you will understand the rest of the teachings more easily. Otherwise you will feel little bit like, kind of squeezed.


Kalu Rinpoche
Stages in the path of illusion – August 7, 2021

Teachings based on the Niguma’s Gyuma Lam Rim “sgyu ma lam rim” (Stages in the Path of Illusion)

To be continued…