Aug 08

Kalu Rinpoche | Stages in the Path of Illusion | The five genuine qualities

So what are the five positive qualities? We talked about the five opposite qualities, and then now, what are the genuine five qualities.

The five genuine qualities are:

  • The future life is more important than this life, therefore I must practice it now in this life.
    Like in Milarepa, whether he killed his relatives with his own hands, or with black magic, doesn’t matter, he did it, okay? And he could not live with that guilt and he wanted to practice Dharma for his own liberation. And then he received the teachings from the Marpa Lotsawa, then became a legendary figure.
    Like an example, Khyungpo Naljor, he was in his fifties, he came to India, he said, the first word he said to his guru, the abbot of the Bodhgaya, he said “I’m not afraid of this life, I’m afraid of my next life, because I may not know where I may be born, things that I may commit such wrong actions to harm others”
  • Seeing the samsara as it is. Second, that’s the second one.
  • Self importance, but other, other people’s happiness should be more important.
  • And then also understanding the ultimate truth (“tundam”)
  • And the relative truth (“kuntzoh”).

So that’s it. So now I will ask you that question next time. Okay? And then at least I know that you are connected and dedicated. So I will ask these numbers, what are the opposite qualities and what are the not opposite qualities.


Kalu Rinpoche
Stages in the path of illusion – August 7, 2021
Teachings based on a Jetsün Tāranātha text: “skyes bu gsum lam rim” (Instruction on the three types of person)