Aug 18

About Meditation with Kalu Rinpoche (transcription part 2)

Kalu Rinpoche: Meditating together along with me, I’m giving you guidance in this very moment.

The first key as a meditator, or practitioner, is don’t be too stiff. The moment you are too stiff, and then you have too many things going on in your mind. So don’t be too stiff. Don’t be too relaxed either. If you are relaxed, then your mind becomes chaotic. So try to find the balance in between. And that balance in between does not have to be extraordinary. It doesn’t have to be ordinary either. That middle ground state of mind can be found if you can recognize your distractions of thoughts, and if you can recognize the true meaning of the awareness.

Many people when they think about awareness, they have this idea of “concentrating!”, “very stiff!” approach and that is the first mistake. As long as you continue in the meditative world, or meditative or mindfulness, whatever you call yourself, and the most important is to aware of your distraction. When there’s so many different projections of thoughts that will arise, that will dissolve, the most important is you do not react. Be absent from opinion. That’s very important.

Be absent from opinion. Be absent from the distraction. And then be absent from blockade of thoughts. Be in the state of transparency. When you have too many opinions, then even when you try to meditate, you cannot meditate. So be absent from opinion. That’s very important.

And then you may tell yourself, “oh, it’s very difficult to be absent from opinion, of thinking what is good, and what is bad, it’s very difficult” you may also think that “oh, I have all this beautiful imagination, and projection of thoughts, for my companies, for my families, for myself” and all this imagination. And you may tell yourself that “Why should I reject? All these are beautiful thoughts. I should embrace it. I should take it in! Make a note out of it”.

Well, all these thoughts will come and go, even after your session. It will be still there. It won’t be forgotten. So you don’t have to worry about that, something that will be lost.

So therefore, when you are calling yourself a meditator, the first principle is knowing the right perception of awareness. Awareness does not mean stiffness. It does not mean a forced discipline. Meaning of awareness means absent from opinion. Bad opinion, good opinion, absent from opinion. And that naturally becomes the very state of awareness. And that is something that you must develop over time.


To be continued…