Oct 30

Kalu Rinpoche | Tsok Offering – the Protector is always there (Part 1)

But eventually all the great masters, when they have a high realization, there is no distance, there is no calling for the Six-Armed Mahakala, there is no completion of the Six-Armed Mahakala, there is no beginning of the Six-Armed Mahakala, you know, because they have a continuation of awareness.

And therefore the Protector is always there, as long as our dualistic mind is not polluted.

That’s why many great masters in history, some of the realized beings, they asked “how come that it took so long to have a clear vision of you?, whether it is Avalokiteshvara, whether it is the Jowo, whether it is Manjusri”. And the deity always responded saying that it is never the distance between the Bodhisattva and you, it is more to do with the temporarily diluted mind that you have, therefore you are unable to see things and therefore you are unable to have this clear connection to the deities. So that is something that we need to understand.

It’s not about how many time that we chanted. It’s not about how many times you practice. It’s about the continuation of your awareness. And based on that, when the duality of the mind, the illusion of the mind will decrease. And then by the result of that, the Six-Armed Mahakala or any sort of a Bodhisattva is very much present.


Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche – Zoom 29th October 2023 (9′ 22”)
Tsok Offering for the Six-Armed Protector

To be continued …