Apr 17

Kalu Rinpoche | How to Deal with Negative Projection of Thoughts

Q: Some negative thoughts arise when I was doing my Dharma practice. Would that cause a bad karma? What would I do when some things like this happen again? Is there any effective method that I can apply to solve this problem?

A: First of all, all the different projection of thoughts will arise, whether it’s extremely perfect whether it’s extremely negative, it doesn’t matter. All the projection of thoughts, it is natural to arise, and it is natural to dissolve on its own.

The method to dissolve all these kind of distractions of negativities and positivities, you have to treat equally. You cannot just treat something very special as saying that ‘Oh yeah! I have some all this kind of perfect and all these positive thoughts and it must be good!’ and then going into some kind of a speculation and then going into some kind of a talk show. And then that is a very unnecessary and not helpful.

And here is one more point that I think I have to explain to you a little bit more carefully.

Some people when they are told that all the projection of thoughts have to recognize as a distraction and have to overcome, they try to apply that into our normal life. When they are going with a family, when they are going to the supermarket, and they try to apply a little bit like carrying an extra baggage in the shoulder. You don’t do that. That’s not how it can really help. The way it can help is during your practice, making sure that you recognize your distraction, you recognize the projection of thoughts, and then without giving any importance, you simply continue with your visualization and then that projection of thoughts will dissolve by itself.


With love and respect from Kalu Rinpoche
Live Q&A
23th. Mar. 2020