Oct 14

Kalu Rinpoche | The Cleansing Practice of AH – Shangpa teachings

So, there’s a several teachings of “The Cleansing of the AH”. So “The Cleansing of the AH” the first one is done by Taranatha. Taranatha is one of the lineage holder and the revival of the Jonang lineage and as well as the Shangpa lineage. So he didn’t wrote that, he just wrote that based on the old manual, okay?

And then followed by Thangtong Gyalpo. Thangtong Gyalpo, he was a physician and a yogi and a traveler. And he established a lot of, you know, beautiful monasteries and, and bridges over his lifetime. But during his pilgrimage time, he witnessed Niguma appearing in his, in his vision. And then since that moment on, then he had this tremendous connection to the Niguma, and so on. And then that was the beginning of his spiritual journey, of the Niguma.

Anyway, so there’s a teachings and a book that is written by Taranatha, and there’s is also a teachings that is written by Thangtong Gyalpo. Both are in the volume of the Shangpa teachings, okay?


Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche – Bhutan
The Cleansing Practice of AH
ZOOM 23/09/2023 (23′ 25”)